Hot Cross Buns

I got stuck in yesterday and made a batch of hot cross buns.

It turned into a fun project which structured my day as I worked on them on and off. In the morning I got out a couple of books for reference. I am trying to learn how to use spreadsheets so I played around setting up a couple to convert imperial units and experiment with recipe proportions. Then onto the proper baking everything weighed out and into the mixer. Once it was kneaded and boxed up I walked the dogs while it fermented. After lunch I knocked it back, stretched out the dough and added the fruit. About an hour later I knocked it back again, spread the dough out and rolled it up again to help distribute the fruit. It had another hour to ferment while I cleaned the oven. Then I scaled and shaped the buns and put them in the oven with a tray of boiling water to stop them forming a skin while they proved. Nearly two hours later I glazed the buns while the oven preheated. After baking I gave them a second coat of glaze to create the sticky top crust. Then of course comes the most important part of a days baking, giving them away. I called in on my Father with some for him than took some over for my sister and her family. Time and baking projects is always a strange thing. What did I do yesterday? Did I really spend all day making twenty one hot cross buns?