Baking Gear

Howdy Bakers

Joe, who is busy with flour and ingredient orders and all the other major planning issues, has asked me to contact people coming to Trefriw for the baking weekend on the subject of equipment.

The major equipment items are already sorted – Jay has hired two ovens and I’m lending two more.

It would be helpful if everyone could bring their own personal baking kit – a mixing bowl, dough scraper, proving baskets. There will be plenty of spares so, particularly if you are on public transport, don’t worry too much.

If you are driving, have space in the car, are a well equipped baker, please bring as many items as you can. There will be spare mixing bowls, electronic scales, plastic scrapers, etc, but let’s face it, you can’t have too many plastic bowls of all sizes – just bring what you can.

I’m told the rugby club has an adequately equipped kitchen, but food preparation equipment – kitchen knives, chopping boards, large pots may come in handy, and don’t forget items you might want to use such as rolling pins, hand towels, tea towels, bench brushes, pastry brushes, thermometers, flour scoops – specialist ingredients, herbs and spices, etc.

Even a spare tent may come in handy if Chris Real Bread has his nicked again this year. Don’t worry, Bethesda Lads don’t travel as far as Dyffryn Conwy – much more genteel over there.

Don’t worry if you have to travel light – there will be plenty to share around. That’s what the event is all about.

Still a few places available for undecided bakers to have the time of their lives.