Pane di Genzano style bread

Mick has inspired me to look further at Carol Field’s Italian Baking book (see my attempt at Pane Pugliese under his “Dimples” post). I had rather rejected the book initially as the recipes are written mostly in cups and use dried yeast etc but I’ve realised there are lots of interesting ideas in the recipes which can be tried out and incorporated into your regular methods of making bread. I tried the ideas in the Pane di Genzano recipe. Genzano is near Rome and the bread has IGP (protected geographical status) as it’s seen as a distinct enough product to warrant it. It’s a very wet dough which is covered in bran for the final rise and is supposed to be baked at high temperature in a wood fired oven to create a very dark crust but my oven wasn’t hot enough and the crust is still a bit pale even after 1h20 baking time. It’s a very nice bread though. I brushed off the excess bran at the end. It’s good to use up the bran which I had from sifting milled flour and it also stops the bread from sticking to the banneton. Ben