The Plan

The plan,

Friday Evening

There will be a chance for people to mix up starters, sponges etc if needed for the next day.

For the campers and others who wish to join us we will have an evening meal. I will make a Moroccan Vegetable Stew. I am hoping that some of the folks who arrive early will get stuck in and make some flat breads to serve with it.


Campers self service breakfast.

The fun begins, we have loads of flour, sourdough starter and commercial yeast for you to experiment with. There are no set activities, some folks will already have a list of things they want to bake, anyone looking for ideas or help please ask as everyone is friendly.

I will make vegetable soup for lunch. We need some folks to organise and make bread rolls to serve with the soup.

Jay is going to make a paella for the evening meal and would like some people to help to prep the vegetable etc.

It would be good if some people could make sweet things for desert.

Tidy up and clean the venue.


Campers self service breakfast.

More playing, you are welcome to do you own thing or group together to work on projects or learn something new.

I would like a group to get together to bake pizza for lunch. We have mozzarella, tinned tomatoes, vegetables and olives. We have a vegan attending so we will have to make one of the pizzas without cheese.

The baking continues through the afternoon. Most people will be leaving during the afternoon or early evening.

Tidy up and clean the venue.

There will be an evening meal for the remaining campers and others who would like to join us.


Campers self service breakfast.

Tidy up, clean and empty the venue.