Hi Folks,

Trefriw Baking 2012 was the sixth in a series of annual baking weekends. It was a great success with a mix of new folks and regulars baking together and sharing their knowledge. I think it is very important to keep these events going. As a not for profit event they can be run for a very modest attendance fee and provide an accessible learning opportunity.

We need to find someone to organise the event in 2013.

This has been a roving event, each years venue and organisers bringing their own influence on the way the event shapes up.

A group size of 20 to 25 bakers some of whom will bring partners or family members makes a good size event.

It is good if we can get the date set and announced before the new year so that that most peoples diary’s will still be empty.

We need to make the event easier to organise. All the expenditure of holding the event is incurred before the event takes place. In order to plan the event the organisers need to know their available budget in advance.

The event is run on a not for profit basis, the last two events have given any surplus funds they hold after the event is finished to the rugby clubs who provided the venues.

I would suggest announcing the price for the event right at the beginning when the date is published.

Tickets for the event could be sold right from the beginning when the event is announced.

Once all the places are filled you could make a list of interested people who might buy tickets from anyone who has a ticket and is unable to attend.

This event has been based on the idea of everyone being equal and sharing. So far most of the financial risk of hosting the event has been born by the organisers. The early sale of tickets would share the financial risk among the group. In the past we have had a lot of expressions of interest when the event is announced which it is been hard to convert into a firm commitment. This has made it very difficult to know if it is going to be necessary to advertise the event more widely in order to achieve the desired group size.

We need peoples ideas and input into the future of this event.

All the best,