April Baking…and update 

Looking forward to my 3rd …and the 6th general meet up of this brilliant event. It’s really nice for me that this year’s event is being hosted by fellow Wood-fired oven enthusiasts. Joe and Jay (the hosts) are experienced bakers in their own right and I am always playing “catch up” to achieve a standard of baking that I am happy with, but the road to achieving this level is full of fun….and you get to eat the rewards of all your hard labour. April’s efforts….Bretzels…

…top 4 were traditional with salt and the lower 4 were were with┬ácinnamon and sugar.

The update..since the last meeting at Bethesda I built a Wood-fired oven for my boss…..in return for him fixing my roof…..I think he got the best deal….

More detail here…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC_K2LwFwI0&context=C4aad0d1ADvjVQa1PpcFN99soGUf84ClUcycVSpbR0tThIUdqgnsg=

Looking forward to seeing everybody at at Trefriw Baking 2012…..